Award winners League Championship 2020

What a great day! All 24 teams who made it to the Championship did their best to get either to the finals with their robot or to win an award. The finals were exiting; only in the 3rd game it became clear who was the Winning alliance. And the judges had a hard time to decide which team would get an award. The judges were very impressed by the teams. You were all very good! 



Inspire Award   

16382  Casimir Tech

Think Award

10183  Frog Robots of Germany

Connect Award

13953  Stanislas Tech team

Motivate Award

16851  Pink Potential

Control Award

16531  The Rolling skystones

Innovate Award

3954   Pink to the Future

Design Award

16360  Highland Lynxes

Judge Award

16949  Skyline



Winning Alliance Captain

3954   Pink to  the Future

Winning Alliance 1st team selected

16360  Highland-Lynxes

Winning Alliance 2nd team selected

16949  Skyline

Finalist Alliance Captain

16441  Pretty Smart Robotics

Finalist Alliance 1st team selected

17134  Zappp

Finalist Alliance 2nd team selected

16785  Team ProBotix