International Teams

For this season, 2020. Skystone, we’re opening our borders for European FTC teams. Dutch teams will remain having priority above international teams, where international teams are chosen based on specific requirements. The most important requirement is: Does the team have another competition more close by that they can attend? If there are multiple international teams signed in and space is limited then FTC NL will determine who can attend or not.


International teams NEED to apply to the same rules as the Dutch teams. Which means that a international team has to play at 2 league meets in order to qualify for the Dutch Championship. The top 24 ranked teams will be selected based on the league meet criteria that are given by FIRST. The top 24 will play in Breda on the 8th of February.


Would there be any international team interested to join the Netherlands league meet format and are they able to travel 3 times to the Netherlands in one season? If so, you can sign up and FTC Netherlands will check the amount of Dutch teams to see if there is any space for international teams or not. 


To register please create an account on our website ( and follow the steps. To register click on "Sign up" next to the "Log In" button, top right corner.