Recap Benelux Championship 2024


What a day, what a thrill!

The FIRST® Tech Challenge Benelux Championship, a collaborative effort with Avans University of Applied Sciences, was a tremendous success, seamlessly uniting education, research, and the business community to inspire and engage youth in technology and science.

The stands of the Game Arena were filled throughout the day with enthusiastic supporters of the teams and visitors. In the spirit of friendly competition, hundreds of young participants engaged in thrilling robot games, creating a true spectacle as their self-designed and built robots showcased remarkable innovation and creativity. They not only battled it out in the Game Arena but also presented their journeys, experiences, and the skills they acquired throughout the season to the jury.

The side event activities were also a hit, drawing substantial attendance from the event's attendees. It was a testament to the multifaceted nature of the FTC Benelux Championship, offering not only intense robotic competitions but also additional enriching tech experiences.

In the robot competition, Team ROBO-TECH from Lithuania proved unbeatable. Alongside their alliance partners, The Energizers from Wings Agora Roermond and Stanislas Tech Academy from Stanislascollege Westplantsoen Delft, they emerged as winners from the final matches.

However, FIRST Tech Challenge is #morethanrobots.

The coveted judges' grand prize, The Inspire Award, was awarded to FTC Team Orange from Newmancollege in Breda. Team Orange embodies the essence of the FIRST Tech Challenge program, serving as a strong ambassador and promoting FIRST in their community. Recognized for excellence in all judging categories, they stand out as a model team on and off the field. They received not only an award but also a $1,000 check provided by the Gene Haas Foundation to contribute to their trip to the FIRST Championship in Houston.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who played a role in making this day extraordinary. A shoutout to over 60 volunteers, the dedicated students and staff of Avans University of Applied Sciences, our Side Event partners, and, of course, our sponsors ASML, Gene Haas Foundation, Dow, MTA Group, Arrow Electronics, Roostersync B.V., Kees Jan Koster, SOLIDWORKS, Installatiebedrijf Hulsen. It is their invaluable support that enables the expansion of the FIRST Tech Challenge program, allowing more and more young minds to be inspired and actively participate in this incredible initiative.



Award winners Benelux Championship

All 24 teams who made it to the Championship did their best to get either to the finals with their robot or to win an award. The finals were exiting; only in the 3rd game it became clear who was the Winning Alliance. And the judges had a hard time to decide which team would get an award. The judges were very impressed by the teams. You were all very good, you are all winners! 


Inspire Award 16409 Orange
Think Award 10918 Space
Connect Award 16410 GentleBotz
Innovate Award sponsored by RTX 13953 Stanislas Tech Academy
Control Award 16383 Frits Philips Robotics team
Motivate Award 23417 The Energizers
Design Award 20091 Blood, Sweat & Gears
Judge Choice Award 21658 Thunderwonder
Promote Award 23253 Transphormers
Support Award  20092 RTF - Robotic Tech Frox
Winning Alliance captain 24145 ROBO-TECH
Winning Alliance 1st pick 13953 Stanislas Tech Academy
Winning Alliance 2nd pick 23417 The Energizers
Finalist Alliance captain 16785 ProbotiX
Finalist Alliance 1st pick 16441 Pretty Smart Robotics
Finalist Alliance 2nd pcik 16410 GentleBotz



More pictures of this incredible event can be found on our website