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In the INTO THE DEEPâ„  presented RTX challenge, FIRST Tech Challenge teams will dive their robots
into the depths of the ocean 
to explore the unknown and reveal its wonders.

Join us as we explore the future.


Registration 2024-2025

Registration for the 2024-2025 INTO THE DEEPSM season is now open for teams from the Benelux region, running from June 12 to October 1, 2024.

Teams from Germany and other countries where no FTC competition is organized are welcome to join the Benelux competition. Teams from other countries can reach out to FTC Benelux to explore potential (just for fun) participation opportunities.


If you have any questions, please contact us at

Registration fees

·   The registration fee is € 295,00 per team.

·   If your team qualifies for the FTC Benelux Championship there will be an additional fee of € 150,00.

·   The registration fee does not include the required reusable hardware for the robot control system, robot kits, or (optional) game elements.

FIRST Dashboard registration

To participate in the competition, it is also necessary to (re-)register the team with FIRST. This has to be done every season. Go to the FIRST website and login to the Dashboard or create an account if you are new to FIRST Tech Challenge. 
There is no fee to be paid to FIRST for this registration.
Do you need help registering through the FIRST Dashboard? Check out the manual for international team registration


Dates and locations events

September 7, 2024 Saturday Koning Willem I College
Onderwijsboulevard 3
's-Hertogenbosch, NL
October 12, 2024 Saturday Summa Engineering
Het Eeuwsel 2
Eindhoven, NL
November 9, 2024 Saturday Lorentz Casimir Lyceum Eindhoven, NL
November 15 or November 16, 2024 Friday or Saturday (TBD) Utrecht University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, NL
November 23, 2024 Saturday Stanislascollege  Delft, NL
January 11, 2025 Saturday Northogo College Noordwijk, NL



Qualifier Tournaments:      
November 30, 2024 Saturday De Breul Zeist, NL
December 8, 2024 Sunday Maerlant-lyceum The Hague, NL
December 15, 2024 Sunday Voka/PXL (TBD) Hasselt, BE
January 19, 2025 Sunday American School of the Hague Wassenaar, NL
January 25, 2025 Saturday Pius X-College Bladel, NL


Benelux Championship:      
February 15, 2025 Saturday Avans University of Applied Sciences
Hogeschoollaan 1
Breda, NL

Competition structure 2024-2025

Each registered team may compete in one Qualifier Tournament to qualify for the Benelux Championship. To adequately prepare for a Qualifier Tournament, scrimmages will be organized on various dates and locations. A team can participate in multiple scrimmages.

A scrimmage is an unofficial FIRST Tech Challenge event where teams assist each other in improving their robots, engage in robot matches, and socialize.

Qualifier Tournaments include qualification matches, alliance selection, elimination matches, judging sessions, pit visits and awards. The structure of a Qualifier Tournament can be compared to a Championship, but with a different vibe and ambiance.

Scrimmage and Qualifier dates and locations will be posted on this page as soon as possible.
After the kickoff on Sept. 7, each registered team will receive a form to submit their event preferences. 

Which teams will advance to the Benelux Championship?

If 5 Qualifier tournaments are organized, 5 teams will advance. If we experience such growth that 6 tournaments need to be organized, then 4 teams will advance.

Advancement order

1. Inspire Award Winner
2. Winning Alliance Captain
3. Inspire Award 2nd Place
4. Winning Alliance, 1st Team Selected
5. Inspire Award 3rd Place