Start-up meeting

On October 8th, 2022 a Start-up meeting will be organized at the Summa College, Het Eeuwsel 2 in Eindhoven. The complete field of POWERPLAYSM  will then be available to watch and play on. 

Teams can ask any questions they want about the POWERPLAYSM season. This can be in the area of software, hardware, strategy, design, judging etc. etc. We have experienced FTC people who would like to help you to start the season well. And of course the teams will help each other!

Teams are welcome from 10:00 to 15:00. 

Rookie teams in particular are invited to participate in this Start-up meeting.

There is room for 12 teams. 
So sign up before it's full by filling out the form below. Please complete the form no later than September 30.

During the start-up meeting, it is possible to buy game elements. We still have plenty of cones (€ 5 each) and some junctions (€ 7 - € 9) available. Please pay cash.