League Meet Zwijsen college

The last League Meet of the 2018-2019 Rover Ruckus season will take place at the Zwijsen college in Veghel.


08:30 Venue open
09.00-10.25 Robot / Field inspection
10.25-10.30 Opening
10.30-13.00 Qualifiers Round 1
13.00-13.30 Lunch
13.30-16.15 Qualifiers Round 2
16.15-16.30 Closing

Attending Teams

NL002 ISA1
NL004 FTCunits
NL006 The Moonwalkers
NL009 Highland-Lynxes
NL013 HP S.A.S
NL015 Beyond Reach
NL018 Casimir Tech
NL019 Birdmachine
NL020 Panic Attack
NL021 Pink Potential
NL023 Dutch Wariors
NL024 Donuts 2.0
NL026 Sint-Joris
NL031 Frits Philips Robotics Team
NL032 The Dukes of Brabant
NL036 Tech Team