FTC teaching materials

In collaboration with WisMon Education Institute, we started developing modular teaching materials for implementing the FIRST Tech Challenge in the vmbo curriculum.

The modules take into account the different ways schools implement the FIRST Tech Challenge. Some schools choose to implement the program within the Robotics or Innovation & prototyping elective. Other schools choose to offer the challenge extracurricularly.

If all modules are completed, they offer complete coverage for both electives. A sample PTA of both Innovation & prototyping and Robotics will eventually be added for schools to use immediately. The goal is to develop a curriculum that offers sufficient challenge, connects with a broad target group and focuses on practical and vocationally oriented education.

Besides developing the modules, we also offer to provide training and workshops for teachers who want to get started with the FIRST Tech Challenge.

A teacher's guide will be developed where possible routes through the curriculum are shown. A route for a class competition, but also a route including FIRST participation.
The development of the material is currently in a pilot phase and will be ready at the beginning of school year 2023-2024.

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Note: This is not an application to participate in the FIRST Tech Challenge.