Skystone Kick-Off Info

SKYSTONE presented by Qualcomm coming September 7, 2019. 

This year's FTC NL kick-off will by hosted at PRIVA, in De Lier. The entire afternoon and evening is filled with entertainment, the game reveal and informative masterclasses to get your team on a head-start.

Make sure your team is there on time, we highly advice being there at 12:30-12:45. Doors open at 13:00 but you can bond with other teams outside before the doors open! 

After watching the game reveal on the livestream, FTC NL will unveil the official field at PRIVA. Teams can take a closer look, ask questions and start their first brainstorms together! 

Below a description of the different masterclasses is added in the tiles, teams can sign up for the masterclasses through the newsletter and the google docs form. If you haven't received any info, haven't registered yet as a team or you want to participate next season send a e-mail to: 


Saturday 7 September 2019 
PRIVA, Zijlweg 3, 2678 LC De Lier

12:45 | Run-up & Team Social
13:00 | Doors Open
13:15 | Masterclass Round 1
15:15 | Masterclass Round 2
17:00 | Dinner
18:00 | Livestream Skystone - Game Reveal 
19:00 | Field Reveal - Q&A
20:00 | Doors Closed

Coach Training & Team Management

This masterclass will cover all the topics of team management. Are you an adult coach or a team leadership student then this masterclass will help you to improve your team's overall capabilities.

Topics that will be covered are the different departments within a FTC team as well as how to integrate FTC within your education as a teacher or student. (Meesterproef, profielwerkstuk, Brainport opdracht)

Imagery & Branding | Judging

First 45 Minutes:

If your team wants to improve their team image and branding then this masterclass will help you out. All the fundamentals of team imagery will be covered. From social media all the way to team branding. Though, Imagery and branding isn’t only about esthetics and expression, it all starts with questions like: what do you want to be? Are there things you want to emulate?

Second 45 Minutes:

How does your team approach the judging process? Do you know everything about pit visits, engineering notebook, all the awards and their criteria? What is expected from a team in a jury presentation, how to improve your presentation skills and prepare yourself for competition? You’ll be informed with all the needed information, tips and tricks. During the league meets in the Skystone season teams will be required to follow certain judging guidelines and milestones.

Strategic Design & Prepare for Competition

First 45 Minutes:

Do you want to boost your team’s effectiveness on the field? Do you want to design a durable and consistent robot on which you can rely every match? We’ll talk you through the basics of how to determine an effective strategy, designing within your team’s capabilities, sub-mechanisms and reoccurring patterns.

Second 45 Minutes:

So, you now know how to build and design a superb robot? But how are you going to make sure it keeps doing what you’ve built it for? How to allow for easy trouble shooting, increasing electrical component quality and software maintenance? We’ll help you out! Besides robotic aspects, we’ll dive into all the stuff you can prepare at home to allow for an easy and fast flow during competitions.

SolidWorks Beginner

The SolidWorks beginner masterclass will cover everything you want to know to move from idea to 3D model. The class will be interactive and will give you the ability to design custom parts which you can 3D print for your robot.

Laptop with SolidWorks installed is mandatory. If you’re not able to bring a laptop or in need for a SOLIDWORKS license, contact

SolidWorks Advanced

If you're already familiar with the basic SOLIDWORKS functions then this might be interesting for you. The masterclass will include training to create a complete drivetrain chassis with custom and standard parts.

Laptop with SolidWorks installed is mandatory. If you’re not able to bring a laptop, contact


Are you thinking of working in the field of STEM? Are you about to graduate, and need to choose a bachelors study? Or just curious in a practical example of a robotics development?

The kick-off is hosted at PRIVA, they lead the way in development and production of technology for the optimization of environmental conditions and process management. Providing solutions for horticulture, building automation and anything in between with a unique combination of software, hardware and services. PRIVA will present their company and more in particular, the background and the innovation process of the Kompano deleafing robot. This robot is the first economically viable, fully autonomous alternative for manual deleafing of tomato crops. (Highly recommended!)

In the last phase of the innovation process, PRIVA and MTA are now working closely together to industrialize this product. 

MTA creates and manufactures mechatronic machines and systems that meet flexibility, quality and production cost requirements. From R&D to prototyping and from 0-series to serial production of mechatronic machines, at MTA, system development and production are truly complementary. They're located in Helmond and are familiar with FIRST and FRC in special. They'd like to introduce you to the world of industrialized mechatronic systems!

In this masterclass PRIVA and MTA will introduce themselves as a company and how they each turn ideas into products.